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I just wanted to update the site to let everyone know that I am currently not teaching Live. I will keep the download links for the Green EQ and Swish & Glitch alive here for now just in case people are still finding them useful.
All the best!




Have a couple of free Racks! 

The Green DJ EQ

This EQ solves one of the most frustrating problems with all the other DJ EQ's I have ever seen made with Live Racks. When your pots are set to zero there is zero gain. At max you have +6dB and when turned all the way down you have about - 90dB of cut!

Many will not care about what I just said but for those of you that have been looking for an EQ that would solve this problem you need not look any further!

This works in Live 9 as well :)

Just in case anyone is wondering the track is "To The Top".

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The Swish & Glitch

The Swish & Glitch is a fun and rather deep Rack that can be applied in many different ways.  It is a great tool for generating random movement as well as destroying and working over any signal that happens to pass in it's way. Don't think about it to much just start turning the knobs!

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